A Spacecraft Symphony

As Voyagers 1 and 2 blast deeper into deep space, they each take hourly measurements of the number of photons roaring past them. For 37 years, the spacecrafts have taken over 320,000 measurements. A musician with a PhD in physics, Domenico Vicinanza, has mapped each measurement with a corresponding note–higher measurements get a higher note–to produce some cosmically beautiful music. ScienceShots reports on the scintillating  symphony, which features Voyager 1 on piano and Voyager 2 on violin. The instruments overlap where the two spacecrafts were taking simultaneous measurement.

While Vicinanza admits he composed the musical arrangement purely as a fun way to present the Voyager mission data, he says transforming data sets into music in this way can help scientists recognize trends and patterns they might otherwise miss. And that makes for music that’s definitely out of this world.

Click the link above to listen.